Wall Lights
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Wall Lights

Don’t be a wallflower when it comes to your wall lighting. Here’s where you can really get creative – casting arches of dramatic light, illuminating a focal point, or framing a fire. Make no mistake, a lot can rest or fall based on the wall lighting you choose – like creating ambience, drama, room height or depth. Wall lamps can also light up small, focused areas – allowing you to work late into the night or read just before bed (withoutawakening your partner).

With so many roles and influences on the mood of your home, let’s take a look at three of our favourite wall lights – and explain their very different potential places.

We begin with the twin wall light complete with shades. This style casts light both up and down the wall, adding depth and interest – coupled with a dimmable switch and these lights can transition through every room affect – from bright and energising, through to dim, mellow and relaxing.

Next, there’s the always elegant up-light. With the glass shade turned upward, this type of lighting is the obvious choice for those looking for a balance between gentle lighting and sufficient brightness for everything from dining to cooking.

Last but certainly not least there’s the classic candle wall light – this product simply oozes sophistication and grandeur. We particularly love this style of light when used in the hallway – lighting the path from room to room – just like candles did during the gothic periods that first inspired this light style.