Metal Ceiling Lights

Where do we begin with our metal light collection? Here’s where your creative flare can really come to life – casting dramatic task lighting, illuminating exquisite dining spaces or using different metals to create beautiful contrasting.

We never underestimate the size of the challenge when it comes to picking the right lighting collection for your home, and our metal ceiling lights make the job a little easier with their undeniably beautiful design. Let’s put the spotlight on some of these works of art and give you a helping hand in finding the perfect metal pendant light.

If you are after a more traditional, antiquated and raw look for your pendant lighting then you may be more inclined to browse our brassand silvermetal collection. In here you will find our every popular Metal Bowl Pendant, which offers and industrial yet traditional look.

If you are drawn to the bolder, super shiny and more modern look then our chrome collection may be the shining star for you. Take a look at our LED Multi arm pendant fora real statement finish. ​​​​​​​