Floor Lamps
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Floor Lamps

Looking for floor lamps? Take a seat (preferably not on the floor) – you could be here a while. From shiny silver and brass, onto copper chrome and nickel, this corner of our store features floor lamps with shades and without, designer lamps, modern styles and the delicately traditional.

We must admit, this category contends for our favourite lighting of all. Few other lamps can compete with the ambience, drama and mood that floor lamps create in a single flick of a switch. But (and it’s a big but) you really need to get to grips with the basics if you’re to choose your lighting style correctly. So here’s an overview of three of the main floor lamp types.

Uplighter – Here, the clue’s in the name – an uplighter casts light upwards, for a calm, soft and soothing effect.

Club lamp – Perhaps the most popular form of floor lamp, the club lamp features a simple neck, with a shade at the top. These are perfect for both task lighting (such as reading, sewing or writing) and for creating a bright, light and inviting spaces.

Down bridge – Typically featuring a curved arm, a down bridge lamp directs light downwards, making this type of lamp the perfect pick for task lighting, illuminating a statement piece of furniture or for creating depth in the room.