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Cluster Ceiling Lights

When one just isn’t enough. You can never be too greedy when it comes to choosing perfect lighting for your home and we are here to accommodate that burning desire.

Cluster lights have been a continuously growing trend and deservedly so! But (it’s a rather important but) it is important to decide on the style of cluster light to suit you and your home. We appreciate that our range is more on the petite side but this is for very good reason.

We know that sometimes too much choice can be a little overwhelming and when it comes to cluster lights, these are a unique and beautiful pendant all by themselves. So we have designed this collection with simplicity at the heart.

Gone are the days when cluster lights were purely for decoration, these are also a practical option with a compatible bulb of 21w low energy that is equivalent to around 60 traditional watts. So these really are something quite special.

Offering beautiful brass, glamorous glass and cluster complimenting copper, we are switching on the light to a new world of lighting to explore.