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Ceiling Lights

From your dining room into your lounge and up into the bedroom, your ceiling lights should illuminate the way, stylishly – make sure you make a statement, every step of the way, with ceiling light from The Lampshade Co. From light, bright and beautifully functional LED ceiling lights, to boudoir-ready pendant lights, you’ll find your perfect overhead illumination right here amongst our collections.

Being in the business for 0ver 10 years, we’ve come to realise that there are two distinct interior style directions – for two very different homes. First, there are the traditionalists, those who love the classic look – in these homes there are accessories with charm and plenty of detail. Then we have our modernists – those who embrace the contemporary – their homes are often understated, and almost always minimalistic – for them, glass, metal and stunning simplicity are the go-to design features. Let’s take an imaginary tour around these homes and talk ceiling lights…

Traditional homes are tranquil, predictable and classy – there’s no crazy statement pieces here. From the lounge to the snug, pieces are matched up, many ornaments are in perfect symmetry, while fabrics create interest (but not ostentatiousness). Sound like your kinda’ place? Then start by exploring Tiffany Ceiling lights, multi-armed celling lightsand our timeless chandeliers.

Moving on to the property next door – the on-trend contemporary home. Here you’ll notice natural materials (and plenty of them) – think wood, cotton, hemp, slate and wicker. In the on-trend home colour schemes can go one of two ways – either they’re cool and neutral, or popping with colour from floor to ceiling. Here, ceiling lights can be oversized to make a statement; they can contrast to grab attention; or they could fade beautifully into the modern background, by sitting flush with the ceiling. For lighting up this home, you should begin with our metal ceiling lights, LED ceiling lightsand flush ceiling lights.