Ceiling & Lamp Shades
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Ceiling & Lamp Shades

With the Lampshade Co’s line-up of lights and shades, the sky’s the limit (or rather the ceiling is). From the bright and bold, to the neutral and cool, our made to order lamp shades have it all. Showcasing curves, pleats, angles and ruffles, these shades have been handpicked to present something for every home. As for shapes? Here you’ll discover and uncover everything from square shades to tapered shapes, and perfectly round drums.

But before you set off exploring, we really need to talk about size (because no matter what anyone else tells you, it really doesmatter, when it comes to your ceiling shade). Let’s make picking the right shade size easy, with a simple formula - here’s how to crunch the numbers…

Take the length and width of your room. Add those numbers together. Then convert it into inches, and then into cm. Here’s an example… your room is 10 foot by 12 foot. In this instance, your ceiling lamp shade should be at least 22 inches (55cm) wide.

So that’s size, style, and an endless selection of superior quality products. Seriously, what more could you want? Well, if we know our shoppers, you’ll probably want an easy purchase and also no-worry returns. So that’s what we do. Now go forth and find your lamp shade style.