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Lighting Tips That Will Help To Sell Your Home

Preparing your home to be viewed by potential buyers, or ‘staging’ it, as it’s also called is very important. Not only will it potentially help your property to sell faster so that you don’t miss out on your next property, but it could even add thousands of pounds of value to the final sales price.

Lighting is an area that should not be forgotten when preparing your home for sale. Here are our tips on what you can do to make a positive difference to the ambience and feel of each room.

  1. Lighting choices can make a huge difference and within that, some of your preferences may not sit well with others. For example, a large troffer-type fluorescent fixture can make your kitchen look far smaller than it actually is. If the bulb or the fitting is dirty, discoloured or it is cracked, then you will need to clean it or replace it. To lower its overall profile in the room, you can paint the frame of it to match the colour of the ceiling.
  2. Dirty or discoloured lampshades are another area that can be quite off-putting to buyers. Shades that have been in use for years are quite often overlooked when it comes to home maintenance and cleaning. They may be very tired or worn, or perhaps the shade has deteriorated so that it now blocks a lot of the light emitted from a bulb. It should be replaced with something appealing and attractive to the eye.
  3. Another area that greatly affects the amount of light in a room are the window treatments. Some curtains can block a lot of natural light that could enter from outside, even when they are open. It depends what colour they are and how well they sit in the room. Light coloured curtains will brighten a room far more than darker colours.
  4. Light switches should be wiped down before viewings. Dirty fingerprints on switch plates can look quite unsavoury and unappealing.
  5. Check the overhead lampshades for damage including discolouration and cracks. If necessary, replace it with a shade that enhances the appearance of the room. Check that it has bulbs with the highest recommended wattage in order to enjoy the maximum lighting output.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to positively transform a property into a home that will appeal to others, and your savings account will certainly thank you for it. If you’re looking for new lampshades, browse our products to find the perfect match.