The Lampshade Company’s Small Biz 100 Day!

The Lampshade Company
Showing Will Quince how to make a lampshade!

The day started with the alarm going off at 6am, running around the house making sure both children were ready for my husband to take them to school, fishing Nemo (one of our fish who died overnight) out of the fish tank, feeding the cat then responding to a couple of emails prior to our meeting with our Local MP Will Quince at 9am. Will is a very down to earth MP, we spoke about our manufacturing process in great detail and also the possibility of exporting our lamp shades. Before Will left I presented him with a lampshade from our new personalised digital print lampshade range with an image of Palace of Westminster (House of Commons) on it. This was a digital image we used and then had it printed onto material which we then used to make a lampshade.

Digital Personalised Lamp Shade
Presenting Will Quince with a personalised digital lamp shade.

Will left our studio at about 10am and our social media pages started to get very busy with likes, re-tweets and comments – we even received some tweets from James Caan! Small Business Saturday UK did a fantastic job promoting our Small Business on the day – thank you Small Business Saturday UK! I would highly recommend any #SmallBiz100 to dedicate a full day to their Small Business 100 day to respond to Social Media and additional enquiries. But most importantly to have fun and enjoy your day in the limelight.

The Lampshade Company is organising an event in Colchester for Small Business Saturday UK on Saturday December 3rd – we’ll keep you posted with further details!

Angela Berry & Team x