Spotlight on: Patterned Lampshades

No time to dig through interior design mags to discover what’s hot and what’s not? No problem – here’s our fast-fire top-three countdown of the trendiest patterned lampshades for 2018 (direct from our industry insiders).

Walk on the Wild Side, with Animal Print

Yup, the hottest high street fashion has transcended into the realm of lighting. Except here there’s no need to stick purely to zebra print, as giraffes, tigers and cheetahs all want in when it comes to your living space.

Shop animal print patterned lampshades

 Go Ultra-on-Trend, with Ultra-Violet

It’s the pantone colour of the year – a deep, dramatic version of violet. Reflecting times of change and a need for innovation, inventiveness and imagination, you can pick a violet shade, or be a little bit more flexible and choose a purple pattern.

Explore purple patterned lampshades

Bring the Outdoors In, with Nature-based Lampshades

Nature, birds and wildlife have been hot property for some time now in the on trend home, and this style direction shows no sign of slowing down just yet.

From leafs to florals, minimalistic bird prints to intricate peacock feathers, this final addition to our countdown is as diverse as it is a breath of fresh air.

Discover the Great Outdoors with Bird and Wildlife Lampshades

With that, our top three countdown is all wrapped up. But if you’re just not feeling the pattered direction for your lighting, you may want to consider a mix and match lampshade – which seems to fit perfectly into any environment – from contemporary, to traditional, a magnolia lounge, or a wallpapered top-to-bottom living room.

Feature walls are SO 2017. The new trend? Feature lampshades!

For too long all the attention has been on the feature wall – a trend that entered our homes in the mid 2000’s, and hasn’t left since. Well, we think it’s high time for a change – and, as you’ll see, the first rule of feature lampshade club, is that there are no rules –  the bolder, the bigger, the better.

 First things first – Be brave with your feature lampshade choices

Feature lampshades are about making a statement – transforming your otherwise unremarkable floor lamp or centre light into a focal point. Go vivid, with loud and proud hues, patterns and prints; think feathers, embellishments, glittering sequins and beautiful florals, birds and block colours. And, if you really want to be bang on trend for 2018, consider going pleated. This blast from the past has had a makeover – no longer a twee, traditional choice, modern pleated lampshades are being seen in the trendiest of homes in all sorts of fun and funky fabrics.feature lampshade

Contemporary or traditional? Be guided by your existing style

Despite feature lampshades having very few rules asides from being eye catching and bold, you still want to make sure that your choice is in keeping with your wider style direction.

For contemporary spaces, look at unusual shapes, block colours and edgy materials. As for traditional homes and commercial premises, the lampshade style of the moment is chandelier in form, with a close runner up being natural print fabrics.

Colour – Think contrast

While you could co-ordinate the colour of your feature lampshade with the room it sits within, the feature lampshade trend is far easier to get right if you pick one with a contrasting colour. So if you have a plum room, pick yellow; a grey backdrop, think red; or a green feature wall, go for violet.

Size (and shape) matters

Finally, consider the proportions of your room. Going too oversized in a relatively compact living room could overpower the space.

When it comes to shape, picking an unusual lampshade can be a statement in itself (think Conch, tiered spheres or angular hexagonal panels.

New Product Launch – Digital Personalised Lampshades!

digital-print-personalised-photo-lampshadeBreaking news…

The Lampshade Company has just released a new service – Digital Personalised Lampshades.

All you need to do is send us the image you wish to have on your lampshade in the correct size and format and we can hand craft your personalised lampshade to suit your décor.


Youdigital-print-personalised-photo-lampshade can have photographs of your loved ones, pets or even your favourite photograph shining back at you every evening when you switch on your light!

What a wonderful addition to your home or unique personalised gift for a loved one. Click here to visit our website for further information.

The Lampshade Company is 5 Years Old Today!

Piece of Birthday Chocolate Cake with Burning Candle as a Number Five on Brown Background5 years ago today I set up my lampshade business from the back bedroom of my house!

How time has flown! With a clear vision and a passion for making lampshades I have successfully grown the business. We now have a purpose built lamp shade studio and my team has grown to 7 members of staff.

It has been extremely hard work (I kid you not!), but also great fun and very rewarding. I have learnt so much on this journey, not only about business but also about myself as a person.

5th Birthday Collage


5 tips I would give anyone thinking about starting a business:

1) Have a vision

2) Plan your business

3) Stick to your values

4) Believe in yourself

5) Make it happen!


A huge thank you to my loving family who have been there to support me through the last 5 years. Thank you for believing in me, sharing my vision and giving me the encouragement I have needed when times have been tough.

Last but not least a huge thank you to my team for all the hard work and effort you put in – I couldn’t have done this without you.

I absolutely love coming to work with each and every one of you and enjoy this happy place we have created together!

So a very Happy 5th Birthday to us – here’s to the next exciting 5 years to come!

Angela Berry x