What Is A Bespoke Lampshade?

We have wanted to write this blog for a little while now as one of our passions here at The Lampshade Co. is making bespoke lampshades.


So, the big question, what actually is a bespoke lampshade?


It may seem quite an obvious thing but we do have many queries as to what is  involved and how do we begin this process? Well, we are here to answer all of your questions.


When we say bespoke lampshade, we trulymean bespoke. You can decide on every element and your unique lampshade is then delivered straight to your door.


The first step is to browse our bespoke lampshade pagewithin our website to decide on which lining you would like – yes you can have different lining! If you are feeling something a little more luxurious then why not have a look at our metallic lining, available in Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Champagne.


Now the next step is the important one, here you decide on size, diffuser and fitting. There are many sizes available and we know this list can look a little daunting but do not ever panic. The first step is to decide on your diameter and then you can narrow the list down to 3 or sizes. If you are ever unsure on what diameter is best then do not hesitate to give us a calland we can help advise you on what may suit your situation best.


If you are scrolling through the extensive list of available


Once you have decided upon these criteria, it is now time to add this to your cart. It is at this stage many people start to wonder where they let us know about their fabric or wallpaper choice.


Fear not, we will contact you via email as soon as we receive your order to request your chosen fabric/wallpaper and provide you with further details surrounding the process.


This is when the excitement begins for us at The Lampshade Co. HQ! We adore seeing all the different designs that people send in and there is nothing more satisfying then when we see the beautiful finished product.


Have you received your handmade bespoke lampshade from us? We would love to see it in its new home!

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