Interior design hacks for a larger (seeming) home

In the UK, space is at a serious premium – especially in city centres, with London property coming at almost £500 per square foot. With modern living taking place in smaller (and smaller) spaces than ever before, you need plenty of clever interior hacks if you’re to make your home feel roomier than the rabbit hutch it might be. So it’s a good job we have these five tips up our sleeve…


  1. Paint or paper the ceiling

Make your rooms feel taller than they are, by using decals, paint or wallpaper on the ceiling. Patterns, or anything other than plain white, will lead the eyeline upwards. Another tip is to hang shelves just below the ceiling to line with books.


  1. Go for light and airy colours on both the floor and the walls

While dark colours can create a feeling of cosiness, when you’re working with a confined space you need to stick to pale colours, such as white or cream. This applies equally to your carpet, real wood floor or laminate, although you can opt for pale rugs if you can’t afford a floor makeover right now.



  1. Go for one big piece of statement furniture

This one may seem counter intuitive but compared to placing multiple smaller furniture pieces around a room, using a single, large one can optimise the space and make the room feel uncluttered.


  1. Use a clever combination of lighting

The fist founding rule of lighting that creates a feeling of space is to ensure that the lighting is spread evenly around the room. Beyond this, you should have at least three types of lighting: long pendant ceiling lights(which can lengthen the height of the room); corner/recess wall lights(which illuminates all of the space and helps with its even spread) and a tall, thin lamp with a small to moderate shade(which won’t overwhelm your space, but will still provide a little task lighting and ambience).



  1. Get smart, with stripes

Stripes are right on trend – and they also help to elongate the length of a room when positioned horizontally.

And with that, our space-expanding tips draw to a close – your maisonette is now positively mansion-like! Ready to illuminate your now extended space? Shop for lighting now.

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