Mix and Match Based on Each Section Of The Kitchen

No need to feel constrained by matching up your ceiling lighting – in fact, choosing different lights can help create the illusion of separate, functional spaces in an open plan setting.

Perfect pairings in the dining area and the kitchen space include…

Kitchen:Black & Antique Copper 3 Light Electrified Ceiling Pendant LightDining area: Black & Antique Copper 5 Drop Electrified Ceiling Pendant Light

Kitchen:Chrome LED Multi Arm Pendant Ceiling LightDining area: Teal Glass Closh Electrified Ceiling Pendant Light

Kitchen:Nickel and Clear Glass Round Electrified Ceiling Pendant LightDining area: Large Glass Lantern Electrified Ceiling Pendant Light in Nickel


  1. Working with a luxuriously large kitchen space?

You’ll need your lights to work overtime, otherwise you’ll end up with uncovered corners and areas of counterspace that are less than safe for slicing and dicing.

In this case, you need optimal brightness. For which LED is the most effective form of lighting. Check out the stylish Circles Ceiling Pendant(which gives off 2960 Lumens), or the White LED Circles Ceiling Pendant Light(with 1920 Lumens).

  1. Want atmosphere, everywhere? Go for under cupboard task lighting

If you want to keep the lights on throughout the kitchen after dinner, choose ambient, lifestyle lighting for the ceilings, and illuminate your cooking tasks with under-cupboard spotlights instead.


  1. Don’t forget the paperwork, homework, and everything that happens in the kitchen

The kitchen is now a family room, so this space really needs to work independently of the ceiling lights when it comes to the different activities that take place here. Reading floor lampsand desk lamps should provide enough flexibility when it comes to tasks ranging from sorting the bills, to kids who want to build blocks.

So that’s your kitchen lighting masterclass over and done with. You should probably start thinking about your next dinner party now. And don’t worry if you’re no Heston Blumenthal, with lighting so stylish, who cares what the food tastes like?

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