Lightbulbs and Energy Efficiency

Eco-friendly lighting in the open plan kitchen

The emergence of the open plan layout has transformed the way we live. No longer are our dining, entertaining and cooking spaces separate. Instead, they have merged into one – creating a sociable, family-friendly room that’s perfect for modern life.

But that’s not to say that open plan layouts are free from problems – the main one being the challenge of creating separate zones for each of the roles the room must play – from dining to working and onto relaxing.

Here we explain how eco-friendly lighting can help to create these zones – for optimal open plan living.

The low-energy lighting lie

First things first – let’s dispel a BIG eco-lighting myth. Gone are the days of compromising between bright light and eco-friendly bulbs. Now, drama, focus and bright task lighting are yours for the taking, whilst sapping only the most minimal of electricity (up to 90% less, in fact, when compared to old-school bulbs).

 Choose the right lighting for each space

List all of the roles that your open plan kitchen plays, along with the level of lighting required in that zone. This might include:

  • Cooking – Generally bright, with spot lighting for tasks such as chopping and other food prep.
  • Dining – Reasonable light, with over table lighting to set the scene.
  • Working – A good level of light to avoid eye-strain, for which a desk lamp may be most suitable, so that this relatively small space doesn’t interfere with the atmosphere of the lounge.
  • A snug-like space – A low level of light, given that this area is for relaxation, for which a floor lamp offers the ideal soft-lit solution

Arranging your furniture

Your lighting should work with your furniture by being arranged around the larger of pieces which create separate spaces – such as your sofas creating a squared off space, or a table and benches separating the dining area.

Soft to bright lighting (and back again) – Consider an earth-friendly dimmable solution

As a final versatile solution to the changing roles of your open plan space, consider switching to energy efficient dimmable bulbs– for effortlessly changing up the atmosphere, according to what you’re doing.

All done –your open plan kitchen is now effectively zoned off. The next stop? The Lampshade Co Kitchen lighting collection.




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