From Zzzz and dreary to totally dreamy: Picking the perfect bedside lighting

Don’t underestimate your bedside lighting – pick well, and your bedside lamps should bring balance and symmetry into your boudoir; and (when done right) can make a stylish focal point of your bed.

But (and here’s the kicker), it’s all too easy to pick from the many unremarkable pairings out there. So here’s how to take your bedside lighting from dull enough to put you to sleep, to designer-style dreamy.

  1. Mix it up – with mismatched shades (for a definitive designer-touch)

Mixing and matching two different lamp looks can make for a striking, stylish lighting solution. Switch up the colour, shade shape or the entire lamp, but remember, keep the general style direction the same. Take our Antique Wood Slat Tripod Lamp, this bedside light would make the perfect team with the Antique Wood Lantern.


  1. Modern or classic? Be led by your bedroom style

Love understated minimalism? Consider bedside lamps with a metal or glass base, teamed with simple block colour lampshades. Or, if you’re an ardent fan of the traditional, explore patterned fabric shades with antique brass or distressed finishes.

bedside lighting 

  1. Late-night book worm and sleeping beauty? Shine your light in the right direction

You’re in the midst of War and Peace, while your partner loves nothing more than 12 hours of solid sleep – each night, every night. For this situation, you need a clever lighting solution – either a directional task light (otherwise known as a desk light) or a swing arm wall light.

But just be sure to get the bulb wattage right – so that it’s soft enough for leaving your partner to slumber, while being bright enough for a spot of reading just before bed.

  1. Be inspired by this season’s hottest colours

Spring/Summer 2018 presents a wealth of eye-popping colours for the on-trend home – take your pick from jewel-toned ocean blue; calming and cool sage; 70’s inspired mustard-yellow marigold; deep and dramatic violet and strong and energised crimson.

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