A Day To Remember!

It has been there in old and modern times, a bastion of British politics ranking in importance against even the White House, and is seen one of the most important political buildings in the World. Have your guessed where we are…..if you are still undecided, let us give you a hint:

The Lampshade Company Visits Number 10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street has been the official residence of British Prime Ministers since 1735. This black door holds some of the country’s deepest secrets, indeed for the last 275 years has witnessed some of the most important decisions affecting Britain and in some cases the world.

On the other hand, behind this door, not only the fate of the country is decided, but countless formal and informal events and receptions are held here in what is seemingly a small terraced (house) building. The guest list is impressive, from Her Majesty The Queen, several presidents of the United States, the Pope, Ghandi and many other influential world leaders including our director Angela Berry.

By now, I suppose you know about #SmallBusinessSaturday UK, but if the answer is no, don’t worry! We are going to remind you. Small Business Saturday UK is a non-commercial, grassroots campaign which aims to promote, highlight, support and encourage small business to thrive in their communities, as they invite people to shop local.

The Lampshade Company is Named One of The Small Business 100 of 2016 as part of Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is an excellent organisation to follow if you want to celebrate the fact that over 99% of UK businesses are SME’s or put another way there were 5.4m SME’s in the UK in 2016. These businesses are the life blood of the country offering both outstanding local quality, great service and often a splash of creativity. Small business doesn’t have the marketing budgets and public profiles of large corporates, but they have the passion and dedication of ordinary individuals who dare to dream.

As you have may (or may not) have heard, along with other recognition, we have won the ‘Gold Award for Small Business Website’ and we are proud to be part of the  top 100 Small Businesses of 2016 that have been selected by Small Business Saturday #SmallBiz100.

You may ask yourself now. What is the link between 10 Downing Street and Small Business Saturday? One simple word: a reception! Along with 99 SME companies, The Lampshade Company visited and exhibited in 10 Downing Street. And to top that off, the Small Business Minister Margot James was there! And we have the proof, of course:

Angela Berry Director of the Lampshade Company Visits Number 10 Downing Street and meets Margot James

As her house was the place in which we have celebrated, it was important to know that the Prime Minister, Theresa May was excited about both the achievement and the recognition of the hard work that the small businesses across the country put into their products and services. She stated the importance of small business:

“Small Business Saturday is an opportunity for us to celebrate the success of the UK’s 5.4 million small businesses – from family run restaurants, to innovative tech start-ups, to local corner shops. I’m delighted that we had such a great representation of firms here in Downing Street to mark this event and recognise the prosperity they bring to the UK.”

Angela Berry director of The Lampshade Company outside Number 10 Downing Street

Our director Angela was more than excited to be there (you are going to see that, actually. Stay on the blog for more). But first, here is the ‘official’ declaration of our director, Angela Berry:

“We had an amazing day and we are so delighted to have attended SmallBiz100. It was great meeting other business owners like myself. Gaining a local customer base and receiving support from the community is very important to us and Small Biz 100 is great in showcasing the significance of small businesses within society.”

And here is what you have been waiting for! The pure excitement, emotion and gratitude! We are going to let the video play and say the story on its own. To add to the fun, could you please count how many times Angela say’s number 10?



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  1. Angie!
    Loved the movie!
    Still smiling at your excitement and pleasure.
    What fun and what an experience!

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