Keep Your Lampshades Spick and Span With These Tips

Table lampThere’s nothing quite as attractive as a pretty lampshade. It can change the entire atmosphere of the room from one of dullness to the remarkable. However, a lampshade that is dusty or has dirty marks will reflect badly and spoil an otherwise elegant ambience.

Just as with your furniture upholstery and curtains, it’s important to keep your lampshades clean at all times. Here are a handful of tips to maintain them easily:

Clean your lampshade

Lampshades are made of many different materials. Some of them are made with fabric, others paper and some are even glass. Always make sure that your lamp is switched off and the bulb is cool prior to cleaning your shade. If your lampshade is made of fabric then they’re easy to clean with a soft bristled brush. Start at the top and work your way down in short bursts. A final brush will involve long sweeping motions to remove any accumulated dust.

Avoid snags or further damage

It’s important to avoid getting either the brush or your fingernails snagged in any of the fringes or even the fabric. If your lampshade is particularly dusty then you may find it easier to use a hairdryer to blast away the particles with ease. Some lampshades are hard and have a plastic liner to keep them stiff. You can wipe this with a slightly damp soft cloth to remove dust and dirt.

Glass lampshades

A glass lampshade can be wiped down with a dry soft cloth. In order to give it a thorough cleanse remove the shade from the lamp base and clean with a wet and soapy cloth. Ensure that the shade is fully dry before reassembling your lamp. As you clean, don’t forget to dust off the light-bulb so that you can avoid the smell of burning dust also.

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